FlexVS — automated process and asset management system

Geographically distributed enterprise infrastructure:
head office, regional offices, centers and departments, regional facilities

Enterprise infrastructure elements (assets):
land plots, buildings, facilities, communication channels, power supply networks, movable property, equipment, equipment components, hardware, test equipment, mobile workplaces, etc.

Engineering and technical staff:
electronic personnel files, special training records, admission control, timesheets tracking, employee scheduling and shift management, reporting, interactive training scenarios with virtual and augmented reality features for operating equipment, etc.

Digital document workflow:
Contracts, documents, initial permits, security information, electronic forms and operating manuals, unified knowledge base, etc.

work planning, maintenance and repair, incident and event management, automated shift planning, procurement, logistics, electronic document and records management, reporting and analytics, etc.

Interaction with business partners:
supervisory bodies, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

Modernization projects:
event planning, event management, project management

Economy and finance:
asset management, cost management, insurance, reporting and analytics

Supervision, control and audit:
requests from supervisory bodies, internal and external inspections (including remote inspection), monitoring of assets, reporting and analytics

Online monitoring of assets:
technical condition of assets, operating modes and equipment operating conditions, quality of power supply facilities, documenting state changes, statistical data collection and processing, notifications to staff on duty if monitored parameters are out of range

Automated management:
quality, efficiency, safety, reliability, risks

Main features of FlexVS system: